Chocolate Mask for you skin care

Today, I would be sharing with you a recipe of chocolate face mask. Chocolate has been attributed to have been rich in anti-oxidants. The advantage of these anti-oxidants can be received by feasting on a dark chocolate from time to time. But, a regular feasting on the chocolate can be more harmful for your health and skin altogether. Do not distress. There is another way to get these anti-oxidants to your skin. A nourishing chocolate face mask.
Cocoa Powder
Method: Mix both chocolate powder and honey and make a smooth consistent paste.
Apply it on your face in a thick creamy layer. Let it stay for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Removing it by scrubbing it off. And, wash your face. Your face would be soft, smooth and firm. The chocolate mask is a great anti-aging mask too. Apply it once and see the firmness in your skin. And, the mask is yummy too.


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