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Hey All!!!
I just wanted to post my first blog saying I hope I keep on my resolution to keep blogging. I find it interesting to read others posts and tried on blogging earlier but due to work pressure, discontinued in the middle and it has been a year since I have written anything. So, please keep up with my grammatical or spelling errors and give me time to get back into my mode of writing.
This time I wanted to write about something really different and exciting which I hope would be useful to all. That’s why, I have picked up skin care as my topic. Seeing the boom in cosmetic industry and latest craze for organics and natural stuff (into which even I have also fallen!!), I thought I could share some interesting tips which might help you with your budget and give you some satisfaction which comes with doing stuff on your own. Even men have become too conscious of skin care. Bravo!!!!
There are a lot of blogs and sites on skin care and I personally like some, the links to which I’ll be posting in my subsequent posts. I know you must be thinking why to spend time reading new and newer blogs which post the same things over and over again and also that, since I personally like some of the blogs and sites, why do I not be happy just reading them. Well, to answer the second part is that I wanted to do some thing constructive and feel involved in helping people out, not only by commenting on someone else blogs but also writing things in my own way and sharing my personal experiences with each and every remedy I have tried.
I just hope that my readers will like the blogs I post and will comment on how they liked it and if they did not like, I would want them to please tell me what they dislike. Send me comments for any topic which you think I should write about.
In due time, I would be writing about OIL CLEANSING as a method to remove make up and improving the texture of your skin. Watch OUT!!!
BByes for now. Take Care. God Bless You.


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