Do we apply the face masks correctly? {DIY}

So, how are the preparation for festivities going on????? Hope you are all having a gala time……..Today, I wanted to talk about the face masks. Every lady uses face masks to rejuvenate her skin but do we all apply it correctly? Are there any ways to apply it correctly? Well, it is no rocket science. But, you just have to be careful not give any grounds for bacteria to breed or get any breakouts due to its incorrect usage.

  • While using any mask, one should always prepare a fresh batch. Otherwise, the fresh ingredients used will turn stale and not give you the benefits you are expecting it to. On the other hand, it might even cause in outbreaks on the skin or any unwanted allergy. Keeping the face mask for a day in fridge is acceptable but make sure you keep it covered.
  • Before applying the mask, make sure you have washed your face thoroughly and patted it dry. Do not allow it to be damp. The moisture may not allow the mask to work effectively.
  • You might want to open your pores before using the mask. For that, you can take a wash cloth soaked in tolerable hot water and cover your face with it till it cools down. You might repeat this cycle for 5 minutes. Make sure you do not burn your skin. Allow the water to be as much hot as you can tolerate. After 5 minutes, your skin is ready for the treatment. Make sure the skin is dry.
  • Take a paint brush or any make up brush thick enough to be able to spread the mask on your face. Try not to use the hands as it is unhygienic. Keep the brush solely for this purpose and wash it after every use thoroughly. Sterilize it once a week to prevent bacteria.
  • In case you have to use hands, wash your hands with a disinfectant well. Dry your hands well and only then apply the mask to your face. Or, best, try to follow the facial right after a manicure. Your nail beds are clean at that time.
  • Let the mask air dry. Do not use the blowers to dry it forcefully. Keep ample of time on hand to begin with the treatment. Relax in the mean time. Use tea bags for your eyes and lie down. Stay still. Do not try to pass time by reading or doing any other work. Minute movements can cause the mask to break, especially clay.
  • While mixing the mask, you can use green tea (or any herbal tea), floral water, honey, glycerin or any vegetable oil which suits your skin instead of distilled water. It gives undoubtedly better results. Same goes with dry scrubs.
  • After the mask has dried, do not use water to remove it. Take a water saturated cotton ball and gently wipe off the mask from the face. Be very gentle. Take your time. Do not hurry. The clay masks are little difficult to remove with this method. Try not to use wash cloths as you have the work of washing them and drying them carefully. You can use disposable paper napkins instead. Anything which is disposable and which is gentle on your skin is a good idea.
  • After removing the mask, wash your face with water several times. You can follow with a green tea toner. Make sure your face is squeaky clean. Apply little moisturizer or better, 2-3 drops of oil. It will trap the moisture and keep the skin supple.
Some tips to remember:  
  • Skin care treatments should be performed, preferably, in the evenings followed by a bath and sleep.  Sleep always helps the skin to rejuvenate with the extra nourishment you have just provided. Do take care that you have no appointments that evening and make sure you are not disturbed, even, by phone calls. You can keep your mobile on silent mode and return the calls next morning. Always keep in mind the effects of skin care prove best when you are completely at leisure and take your own sweet time for the whole process.
  • Sometimes, the treatments may be followed after the Oil Cleansing Method which I have already talked about.
  • Complete the skin care routine before 9 P.M as body starts its detoxification process after that.
  • You can read a book or listen to music before going to bed. Going to bed after watching television or browsing internet is not definitely a good idea as it does not calm your mind and the sleep you get is disturbed.
  • One important thing to remember is to apply the face masks only for the time advised on the back of the packs or wait until they dry. Remove them as soon as they dry. For fruit masks, wipe them off after 15 minutes. Keeping the masks for longer time than specified is not a good idea.
  • Apply a thick layer of the mask. Do not save on the mask (money to buy it) by applying a thin coat. The mask works by creating a barrier between your skin and the environment and provides its goodness to the skin. If the layer is not thick enough, the mask will not give the results expected.  
Have a happy basking with the mask.


  1. Anonymous says

    I was wondering what I should do if my face burns right after taking off a mask? Is that natural or should I discontinue using it and try another formula?

  2. Sara says

    hello, thank you for this post! I use daily products morning and evening but I was wondering if I would still use them in the evening after or before a mask? Or would I need them at all after a mask. Many thanks!

  3. meeya says

    Hi mam is it okay if we do that hotwater soaked in towel treatment before applying face mask everyday
    Will be there any side effects or burns
    My concern is for skin lightening mam

    • says

      hi Meeya. it is fine, just make sure that the water is not too hot. make it comfortably hot. and, this is a steam treatment basically which you mentioned so it is fine but do not overdo it. do not apply face mask everyday unless it is very gentle. do this treatment only twice a week or even once a week.

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