Vellife Sugar Substitute Product Review

Vellife Sugar Substitute Product Review

I have always been of the opinion that sugar substitutes never really work! Incidentally, last time I went to my doc, we fell into talking about sugar cravings and how to prevent diabetes. That was when he assured me that sugar substitutes actually work very well towards preventing diabetes.

But, I still have my doubts on how many calories they reduce? These sugar substitutes have weird tastes which hinder with the taste and flavor of the food. This was a problem with even the natural sweetener, stevia. Stevia leaves a very raw and harsh flavor behind.

So, when I got a chance to try out this sugar substitute, I decided to give it a try! And, lets see whether I liked it or not. Now, before proceeding, I would like to add that I can not really comment on how many calories this substitute reduces!!  Now, lets check out its essentials.

  • Price : Rs 249 for 75gms
  • Packaging : As you can see it comes in a plastic bottle with a spoon to scoop out enough of the product. The brand claims 1 spoon of Vellife sugar substitute = 1 spoon of sugar.
  • Texture : It looks just like powdered sugar.
  • Ingredients : As seen in the pic below!

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Does your hair color reflect you?


Okay, I had wanted to keep this for the next instalment of My Hair Diary but it is too tempting to miss out so here goes!

I finally got my hair color and I have the perfect red and I LOVEEEEEEEEE it :) So, I just have one good pic of my hair. As of now, I just could not find time to take the perfect pic for my hair.

Anyways, Mr. P hates the hair but incidentally even my father did not hate the color entirely and I did get many many compliments for the color. And, that makes me happy. And, now, I so agree that getting a hair makeover is the best way to cheer yourself up. After a bad spot of health, the cysteine treatment and now the hair color has gone a long way in improving my mental state and of course the extremely painful injections have played their own part!! Can you imagine I had to take two injections every alternate day for a week and it had become so difficult for me to sit :D

I am deeply saddened by the death of the former president, APJ Abdul Kalam Azad. He was magnificient and those who have been around him would know that he was just so approachable and humble. An inspiration and legacy to look up to forever.

Anyways, do let me know what you think about the color?

The Book Corner Vol. 1 – What I read all this year?

book reviews on perfect skin care for you

Last year, I did book reviews for almost all books I realized that I am not much adept at reviewing a book, its not my forte! So, this time, I decided to keep the reviews only to a paragraph and do a round-up of the books I have read so far. So, yes, this year has been rich on psychological thrillers with the ones with wrecked marriage and psychopathic couples on the top of the list.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Who has not heard about this book? I have read it too late and I have not yet seen the movie but when I caught up with its first look on the television, I think Rosamund Pike nailed the character of Amy and I know you must be lost if you have not read the book or watched the movie so I would just leave you with – there is a reason you have heard about the book so much and all around!

The Silent Wife by A.S.A.Harrison

I have this habit of finding out similar books in a particular genre which I happen to like and this book is one which comes after Gone Girl. I do not really remember being impressed with the book at all and you can really skip it. Btw, this is again about a disintegrated marriage and lady who is living in denial.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

Well, it is all following the cult and I am not sure if I really like it but I think its ending is very satisfying unlike Gone Girl. So, yes, you can try it. It definitely engages you while you are reading it but it would nt stay with you after finishing it!

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