Vichy Thermal Spa Water vs Kama Vetiver Water

Vichy Thermal Spa Water, Kama Vetiver Water

Do you like using toners or face mists? Earlier I was not so sure but after using these two products for the last few months, I am totally in love with them, especially the Vichy Thermal Spa Water for its misting action.You have to experience it!

Though, I can not use them in this humidity. Hyderabad has the best weather at all times except from March to May. But, this year, it was so hot since February that we had early spells of rain storms, literally, from the first week of May causing higher humidity than regular times. Worse still, the rain storms are causing the transformer problems in our area causing regular electricity cuts. Life is so difficult if we do not have easy access to internet, right 😉

Btw, do you watch Game of Thrones? I HODOR it :)

Vichy Thermal Spa Water

Price : Rs 650 for 150ml

My Experience

Packaging. I love the metal bottle with readable brand font and graphics. It is really easy to snap! The nozzle sprays the toner evenly on the skin. It is quite refreshing to spray it on your face.

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Vichy Bi White Med Emulsion Product Review

Vichy Bi White Med Deep Corrective Whitening Emulsion Product Review

As much as I am against whitening products, I gave the vichy bi white med emulsion a try! I was searching for an extremely light moisturizer when the sales girl in New U asked me to give this try.

Have you ever been afraid of entering a shop just for the fear of being pestered by sales people? I often feel the same when entering the said shop!!

Anyways, coming back to the product, I am so glad that I took the SA’s advice. It is one of the best moisturizers for oily and combination skin or when you need something extremely light or if you like to layer your products!

It is light and absolutely perfect as a light-weight product. Nothing more than that.

Vichy Bi White Med Deep Corrective Whitening Emulsion Product Review

Skin Type, Fragrance and Product Texture

Vichy Bi White Med Deep Corrective Whitening Emulsion Product Review

Suits all kinds of skin including dry. Oily, combination, normal, dry, sensitive, all skin types. It is also best for layering your products as the texture of the product is extremely light and gets absorbed into the skin in a jiffy. It does NOT have any specific fragrance.

Price Tag and Worth

Price : Rs 2000 for 50ml

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Some Random Product Reviews – The Body Shop Disappointments

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil, The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Shower Creme

When a product fails to live up to its expectations, inexpensive or not, we do get a little upset with the brand overall. Somehow, this happens with me on a regular basis with The Body Shop. Let me tell you why?

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil

Price : Rs 1795 for 125ml

My Experience

First. The product has a long list of ingredients but I was disappointed to find silicones in it!

Secondly, I hate the packaging. It comes with a spray pump which dispenses just enough of product. For me, this pump did not work properly after day one. May be it is a batch issue. I have to open the pump and pour out the product. Another issue is that the product dries off around the cap which looks really bad in the long run.

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4 Ways to Stop Hair Fall

hair care

How to Stop Hair Fall?

Inversion Method

Most of the time hair fall is just due to lack of proper nutrition to the hair follicles. This can occur due to lack of exercise or lack of proper blood circulation through out the body. The inversion method works only in such cases.

Everyday for one week you must bend your head down for 4-5 minutes and keep massaging the scalp simultaneously. Repeat the exercise again after a month. The break is so that the body does not get used to the exercise and stop showing its effect.

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Hair Oiling and Scalp Massage

Scalp massage helps improve blood circulation which delivers nutrients to the hair follicle. It is one of the basic techniques in hair care. Hair oil helps lubricate the hair and scalp at the same time, making it easy to massage and conditioning the hair.

It is true that hair oil does nothing more than conditioning the hair but regular application of oil keeps hair fall at bay and helps hair to stay frizz-free and manageable.

Take Care of your Hair Accessories and Choose Hair Products Wisely

Hair accessories like combs and bands get dirty and oily as well (when you apply oil). They must be washed and cleaned regularly to make sure the dirt and grease does not keep on transferring to your hair and scalp over time.

Try to buy wooden combs and avoid hair brushes if you have curly hair. Wooden combs distribute oils all through hair and calms the frizz.

Whenever you are buying hair care products, make sure you buy the professional ranges of good hair care brands instead of the over the counter products. Though expensive, the professional range products are gentle on hair and provide better maintenance. They help control the excess hair fall which can happen due to drying ingredients in the regular shampoos.

Pamper your hair every week with a hair mask. And, never EVER skip conditioner after a shampoo.

Exotic Oils and Essential Oils

I have time and again stressed on how essential oils are one of the best hair fall treatments. My favourites are Rosemary, peppermint, tea tree for hair. They help promote hair growth and reduce hair fall as well. You can mix essential oils in everything right from your hair oil to your shampoo, conditioners, hair masks and even the leave-in treatments.

Another pampering treatment I love is indulging in exotic oils like argan oil, hazelnut oil, macadamia oil, brazil nut oil. They all feel very luxurious (I am not sure how different they are from regular oils in terms of hair conditioning) but it is more of a feel good factor which leaves you and your hair happy after the treatment. It is more psychological.

So, these are just few ways on how to stop hair fall. But, you must remember that excess of everything is bad so if you feel hair fall is excessive, visit a dermatologist or trichologist immediately. Hair fall can indicate an underlying health condition.

What are your tips to stop hair fall?

5 Tips for Glowing Skin

summer hair care tips

Imagine having a fresh and glowing skin in the sweltering heat! How would you like that? Getting a constantly glowing face is not easy taking into account the varied and extreme weather conditions in India.

For me, personally, sunscreen is a huge factor when I go out in the morning to get that fresh look. You need to apply a lot of amount of sunscreen for proper protection and that does not harmonize with fresh and dewy look.

Although, skin care routine plays a major role as well. Check out few tips for glowing skin.

How to get glowing skin?

Choose Your Products Carefully!

Take time out to analyze your skin. Always remember, skin types changes according to age, weather conditions, lifestyle and diet among many others things. Understand what your skin really needs and feed it products accordingly.

In recent times, I have seen a lot of prejudice against chemical based products. Well, I would not say that organic or natural products are necessarily effective but there is no harm in exploring options when you are looking for a perfect product.

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5 Minutes to Get Rid of Dark Circles

reduce dark circles

Right from days of late night studies to late night partying and hanging out to caring for babies at odd times, dark circles are a constant companion at different stages of life.

Getting rid of them is definitely not easy but a little perseverance and discipline helps reduce them in the long run. No doubt you must sleep a little more if you are skimping on it. Also, drink loads of water to keep your skin hydrated and fresh all time.

Why do we get Dark Circles ?

Nutritional Deficiencies

Lack of iron, potassium, folic acid, vitamin A, C and E can also causes dark circles.

In fact, the lack of these nutrients can enhance the darkness of your already existing blemishes. Eating a balanced and proper diet, especially rich in varied fruits and vegetables as opposed to carbohydrates, is very important.

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4 Secret Routines to Healthy Living

healthy living

Only last week, Mr. P woke up with acute stomach pain. The pain was so bad that the doctor recommended all the blood and urine tests. They also wanted to make sure it was not a case of stones which is apparently pretty common in summers. The final verdict was a gastritis attack because of eating out.

The lifestyle today has become like that. The office timings, hectic schedules, none of them are helping. The net result is one has to eat out at least one meal a day. The sweltering temperatures are also not helping the body to perform at its best. All of this results in health issues which can get serious if ignored for long.

Making changes in such lifestyle is certainly not easy. The lack of time and motivation and even lack of a measurable metric is a big deterrent. Healthy Living seems a dream unreachable but instead of waiting for an awakening call, it is best to take responsibility for your own health and start today. Small steps go far.

Cigna TTK’s ProActiv Living Program provides health insurance for your wellness by creating a personalised lifestyle management program. They help identify your risk areas, customise your habits to improve your lifestyle and monitor the progress in phases. A measurable metric which shows your progress motivates you to follow the lifestyle designed for you.

Secrets to Healthy Living

Wake Up Early

If I wake up at 11 in the morning, I know that my entire day is a waste. Whereas, whenever I manage to wake up at 7, I finish so many tasks without getting tired. Even if I do get tired, there is always an option of an afternoon nap or an after breakfast nap!

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