DIY Leave-In Conditioner

leavein conditioner diy

As anyone with naturally wavy or curly hair knows, once you stop trying to straighten and flat-iron it into submission, and decide to find a way to make it look like the beautiful bouncy curls you see in magazines and the internet, suddenly, horror of horrors, you discover that there are hardly any ‘curl-friendly’ products out there in our Indian market.

Now, before you straight hairs turn away, this is something that could be great for your hair as well, in fact, for anyone with dry or otherwise damaged hair.

The key to having beautiful shiny hair is hydration. For years, I religiously shampooed and conditioned my hair, yet conditioner alone never seemed to be enough; my hair still looked frizzy and dry. After much research, and several youtube videos later, I realized one simple product that could really work for me was leave-in conditioner. Till date I haven’t really found one off the shelves that worked for me. Though many people suggest using just regular conditioner as a leave-in on wet hair, that alone wasn’t enough either.

Without getting into the nitty gritties of humidity factor and climate where you live or the composition of the hair shaft, suffice it to say that ‘water alone’ does not hydrate hair. Ideally, you also require humectants and emollients in varying proportions. Simply put, humectants will attract the moisture to your hair and emollients will seal that moisture in.

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Top 5 Post Pregnancy Measures To Get Back In Shape

post pregnancy weight loss tips

Life after you become a mother is never the same – everything from your priorities to your perspectives undergoes a revolution. I remember I was once called the social butterfly among my friend circle, but am today known as the “overly attached mother”. Where shopping for me once meant raiding an entire mall buying outfits, accessories and makeup for myself, with my baby’s arrival I began stocking my tote with nappies, toys, and clothes!

Besides the whirlwind of changes in my schedule, my social scenario, and life choices, what also underwent a major change through the course of my pregnancy and motherhood was my body. Though I always tried to look at the positive side of how motherhood would be a highly enriching and fulfilling process, seeing my body would often pull down my spirits. I still ensured I followed my doctor’s tips on the healthy ways of resuming my old body and I am glad I did!

Here are five safe post pregnancy measures that helped me get back in shape:

Don’t Rush It

I’d often get inspired by how quickly celebrity mothers would get back in shape after their pregnancy, but thank God I didn’t rush to attempt the same. I had a C-section delivery, and my doctor advised that I needed to wait for six weeks before embarking on a fitness quest as heavy workouts could come in the way of my healing process. I then slowly began practicing light-intensity exercises like walking, swimming, kegels and lifting light weights. I gradually moved onto dancing and yoga and I personally believe that dancing helped me a great deal in both, toning up and improving my mental state! My doctor also warned me against fad dieting and as he said it could deteriorate the quality of milk that I would feed my baby.

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4 Reasons to skip Scrubbing in Skin Care Routine

sugar scrub

Long long back, I remember reading a comment on my blog about how a reader uses olive oil + sugar every single day to keep her skin soft. Well, as much as I love sugar or salt for scrubbing, I would love to say it is not for everyday. Exfoliating everyday harms the skin in the long run. In fact, recently, I came across an article which claims that it is better to skip exfoliation altogether as a skin care step. And, then, I thought it might be a good idea to look at the reason why we should do so.

I’m not crazy about scrubs because clients abuse them,” says Czech. “They go crazy with them and it results in tons of broken capillaries. If you just use a cleanser and washcloth to wash your face every night, that’s enough exfoliation. (Source)
If you have been lately feeling that your skin is not doing well even after a lot of your efforts, the answer might be that you are just doing too much. So, let us see why exfoliation can be an unnecessary step for some.

#1. Easy to go Overboard with it!

Once upon a time when I had done some post on skin care, one of the readers had mentioned that she scrubs her skin everyday with oil+sugar. When I told her that it might be a tad too much, she said she loved how soft her skin felt.

But, my personal opinion about the practice since then has always been that it is very easy to go overboard. It is easy to love the feel of the skin and do it everyday in quest of the same result. It is important to remember at such a time that everything in excess is harmful.

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