SaND for Soapaholics Haul and Reviews

Sand for soapaholic product reviews

Long back, sometime in June or July, I came across this brand. Now, the interesting fact is that this brand is the Indian equivalent of Lush. So, I decided to try it out and shopped on their website for worth of Rs 1800. The first impressions of this brand was the expense. It is so expensive and the products you get for your money would last you hardly 15 days which is quite sad!!

Anyways, I got quite a number of product though their quantities is questionable! So, let me talk about each product.

SaND for Soapaholics Product Reviews

And a Bit of Tenderness Bathing Soap Bar

sand for soapaholic and a bit of tenderness bathing bar product review

Price : Rs 360 for 100gms


Every 10gm contains Vegetable Glycerine (15.00%), Distilled Water (10.00%), Buffalo Milk (5.50%), Honey (4.80%), Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (4.72%), Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) Oil (2.50%), Bentonite Clay (2.00%), Colour (0.20%)

My Review

I got a 100 gms of this soap which lasted me a good 20 days with usage of two times most of the days which is pretty decent.

The texture of the soap is a bit weird. It is powdery and buttery so you would have chunks of it coming out when you try to have a bath. It does cleanse off the skin but it is not good to get rid of persistent dirt or sweat so you can use it in the morning but not evening. It is better to go for proper cleansers at that time. And, it does not get rid of oil even after double or triple cleansing.

And, does it moisturise? Well, I would say that you need to moisturise even after using the handmade soaps. They just clean your skin. Moisturization is a separate function. But, it does not leave the skin stretchy or dry. But, I am not sure how it would react in winters. My skin did feel itchy when I used it. And, a handmade soap having SLS does bother me!! But, then, I am no chemist.

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My Hair Diary – October 2015

Wow. We are two months to a brand new year and we will all be one more year older! I think with age people do come to appreciate life more. This year has been very enlightening in that way. And, I can proudly say I shall be entering my 30’s. Now, I can relate to why people say 30’s are very liberating. You appreciate yourself, your thinking changes and you become evolved more than ever!

Anyways, coming back to the post, I did not write about how my hair did last month because by the time I was settled and ready to click pics, it was almost mid-October. The whole of October just went off in the anticipation of Mr. P’s cousin’s wedding and the chronic fatigue becoming a part of life again. It is funny how one can just go on continuously ignoring their health and advising others to not do the same!!

All the travels I have been doing since August has been taking toll on my hair. I have avoided washing my hair except just one place. I think Delhi has hard water because my hair never does well over there! So, the first thing I always do after coming back from lots of travelling is, no not getting a hair spa (I am sure that would be quite lovely and quite expensive as well!), getting a hair spa at home. This has been my routine for the past couple of months, precisely June since it is when I started taking care of myself again! And, it really works for me!!

Hair Spa is nothing special. Just shampoo, rinse twice. No vinegar this time because it would ruin the hair color, if you have any! I have to make sure to wash my hair once every 3-4 days. No, I am not really that diligent. I do get lazy. But, not washing my hair for 4-5 days in a row makes my hair fall because of the dirt so I try not to do it.

After the hair wash, I apply a generous quantity of Schwarzkopf Color Freeze Hair Therapy hair mask. And, sit for anywhere between 15-30 minutes.

Now, I always have one question – How much quantity of conditioner and hair mask is enough? I asked my stylist the same and he actually said a 5 rupee coin sized dollop which I can easily say is not that generous. Then, he added we can add an extra of another half dollop and that would be perfect.

I did try to follow his advise in the beginning and then I started getting bored of the products. So, started scooping a bit more. On second thoughts, I realize now that I am wasting the product unnecessarily and they do not come cheap! So, in case you have the same doubt, you can try this method and see if it works for you.

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The Book Corner Vol. 4 – The Saga of Agni : Rise of the Grey Prince by Arka Chakrabarti Book Review

the saga of agni rise of grey prince arka chakrabarti book review the secrets of dark

It has just been a week since I finished the first volume of the book – The Secrets of Dark. And, then I ordered the sequel from Amazon the same day. Unfortunately, Amazon took almost 3 days to deliver the book. Flipkart is way better, it delivers in just a day, at least the books! So, the wait was very eager.

But, once I got the book, I was a little surprised because it is just 200 pages. I had expected it to be at least 300-350. Anyways, the size is not important. First, let me take you through the story line.

The Saga of Agni : Rise of the Grey Prince by Arka Chakrabarti Book Review

The Story

I had underestimated the first part of the book. It has a lot of characters but while writing the review I was not very partial to anyone apart from the main characters of the story which is Agni and Vrish. So, let me expand it a bit more because the characters I left out in the first part have a major role in the second.

Agni and Vrish are the King Himadri’s wards and are brought up with his son Yani. After the climax of the first book, Agni and Vrish are joined by Maharishi Sidak who makes an appearance in the first book. The Maharishi guides Agni in his journey in the first part by answering one of his queries which brings him to where he is today. He is right now fleeing from Nisarga with a secret scroll – ‘The Twin Prophecies’ – to find out the answer which is the third prophecy which holds the truth.

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My Skin Diary – September 2015

skin diary - Estee Lauder lip balm, vaadi herbals face mask, Marie Veronique face oil, Marie Veronique everyday coverage sunscreen, Sheisido suscreen

If you remember, I had shared with you a huge haul right after my vacation. Once I got all the amazing products and my sunscreen back into my shelf, I decided it was time enough for me to start taking care of my skin again. Honestly, since I was so excited to get so many products, I literally used everything on the shelf once a day so you would literally find a barrage of products in the ‘products used’ section. And, I would strongly urge you not to follow my example.

My Skin Type

I have combination dry skin which keeps on changing its texture depending on the climate. Also, it is more dry these days as a result of age and negligence. But, then, I have been using alcohol based toner and still my face does not feel stretchy or anything. It is really difficult to make out what my skin type is. It behaves so differently all times. I do also need to use anti-aging skin care products for my skin I guess since I am entering my 30’s now.

My Skin Condition

My skin is, thankfully, quite co-operative and does not breakout at its convenience and my inconvenience. I have always taken very good care of my skin but since my wedding two years back, I have been a little careless with my grooming routine. I have not used sunscreen since two years and I can see the effects. My skin is dark and dull and patchy all over. Also, I have been gaining and losing weight, the effects of which are quite obvious on my skin. And, entering into 30’s is also definitely taking its toll. So, overall, I need to take good care of my skin.

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The Book Corner Vol. 3 – The Recession Groom Book Review by Vani

The Recession Groom Book Review by Vani

As the title says, the book is based on the trials of a family to set up their son/brother/grandson with a female successfully in midst of which tragedy aka recession strikes. I always read the reviews of other readers before writing my own review of a book and when I checked out goodreads for this book’s review, I was astounded at how many raving reviews the book has! Let me see what I have to say about it now.

The Recession Groom Book Review by Vani

My Review

Let me skip telling you the story! It is just what it says.

Now, let me get over my grouches. I always hate Indian slangs which is a big deterrent for me to read Indian authors. The repeated invocation to Lord Shiva could have been just replaced with Oh God which is more common in the regular vocabulary of Indians.

Another huge issue I had was the name confusion. Parshuraman, the protagonist. I was confused till almost the middle of the book whether he hails from a South Indian family settled in Chandigarh or was actually a North Indian. I think it comes from being a South Indian. And, it turns out that the protagonist is a Punjabi! I wish the matrimonial description would also include ‘Punjabi’ word.

Parshuraman Joshi, 27, handsome, Hindu-Brahmin, IT Professional, settled in Canada, earns a high-figure salary.

should probably have been

Parshuraman Joshi, 27, handsome, Punjabi Brahmin, IT Professional, settled in Canada, earns a high-figure salary.

No racism intended here. I would rather like to be clear about my protagonist so as to visualize him clearly. The language is simple and good. The story flow is smooth and non-repetitive or huge on details. The protagonist is relate-able but the rest of the story not so much.

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