Your Opinion – Do You Like Sheet Masks?

sheet masks

Face Masks are the ultimate ways to relax. Different ones provide different benefits but I love the hydrating ones. But, one problem which I have with all the regular face mask is they need to be washed off. Mostly it gets very messy, especially when you apply it on the neck. And, this is when sheet masks come to the rescue.

Sheet Masks have been in the market for quite a long time now. Earlier I had used a few from the Korean brands available at New U. I have even forgotten the name of the brand. But, that is not the point. So, what I wanted to talk about today was if you like using sheet masks as opposed to the regular face masks.

Sheet Masks are less Messy

Cut the pack open, take out the mask and adjust it properly on the face according to the contours and you are done. Opening the sheet mask can be a little tricky sometimes if there is a lot of serum.

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Protein for Hair : Why You Need It and When You Do Not?

cysteine infusion reviews and hair color, colored hair, protein for hair,

Most of us know the importance of deep conditioning and moisture for our hair. We oil our hair on a regular basis and try to take good care of it, yet sometimes no matter what we do, it continues to be problematic. Assuming that you have no medical or health problems, your diet is reasonably good, you exercise regularly and try to stay healthy, it can be puzzling as to why these problems persist. In that case I’m here to tell you it could be because of a not-very-well-understood hair ingredient – protein for hair. Is your hair getting too much of it or not enough?

Who Needs Protein for Hair?

Our hair is made up of about 91% protein, including keratin which we often see in the hair product ingredients. It is also one of the major hair straightening treatments.

Now, what are proteins? Going back to school chemistry, proteins are larger molecules composed of chains of smaller amino acids.

In the modern world, our hair is exposed to styling, treatment and environmental damage or other stress which cause the hair structure to degrade beyond what our ancestors ever faced. Even though getting protein for hair from inside-out is the key and it should be sufficiently present in your diet, that may not be enough for your hair to remain in a healthy state.

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4 Luxury Beauty Products I am Loving

luxury beauty products

You can simply say that these are the products which I am absolutely in love with. Okay, there must be a few luxury beauty products in your stash which you have spent an inordinate amount on but have not regretted the expenditure. I am sharing my such products here. I have been using them for quite sometime but I have not finished any of them yet and they are all my first buys.

All four of them are luxury beauty products and come under indulgence category, if not absolutely expensive. The least cost is Rs 1200 which is equivalent to 18$ which does not look very expensive dollar wise but rupee wise comes under luxury segment. So, let me start. I am starting with the least expensive and moving on.

Luxury Beauty Products No. 1 – Kama Ayurveda Kokum & Almond Body Butter

Price : Rs 1195 for 250 gms

Smells delicious. Absolutely heavenly. Must for winters. Moisturizes and keeps skin soft and hydrated for more than a day. Must have for a pampering session. And, I smell delicious with this. In fact, I love to smell myself when I use this 😀

A definite winter product for extremely dry skin. For regular use, I prefer something inexpensive. Currently, I am using St. Ives mineral therapy which is absolutely not for this season. I need to get something else! So, if you really love to douse yourself in delicious products, this is one must-have.

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The Nature’s Co. Night Skin Care Routine Review

The Nature's Co. Night Skin Care Routine Review

Again, this entire range has been on my review table since August. I have used the products, finished one, discontinued the other and enjoying the night cream. Deciding which products will hold a place in your night skin care routine is no easy job.

I have been hunting for a night cream and this one drops in. I would have never bought it for its price tag but it turned out to be a pleasant surprise and I really like it. So, lets see what Nature’s Co gives in its night skin care regime.

The Nature’s Co. Night Skin Care Routine Review

Availability : Online Website / The Nature’s Co. Outlets

The Nature’s Co. Mixed Fruit Cleansing Cream Product Review

Price : Rs 445 for 125ml


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Alternative way to applying egg on your hair

Updated on 1st December, 2016

This a very old post which I am republishing due to a comment I received. The title of the post seems to be misleading and gives away that the post talks about another type of protein which can be applied on hair. Unfortunately, this post only talks about an alternative way of using egg for hair care. I am extremely sorry for the confusion created.

egg for hair growth, protein for hair,

Today, I would be talking about the goodness of egg for our hair. Well, we have all grown up listening to the fact that egg is extremely rich in proteins and should be made a part of our daily diet. And, we also know that egg is extremely good for our hair too. Egg turns our hair into silk. It makes hair smooth, soft and shiny. Regular application of egg makes hair healthy. But, there is a big downside to applying egg and that is its SMELL. Yes, many people dislike the smell of egg and hence, do not prefer to apply it. There is an alternative to get rid of the smell and get the goodness of egg. An Egg Shampoo.

Method of Application: You can turn your regular shampoo into an egg shampoo by just adding an egg to it.  Take a little shampoo in a separate bowl and add a whole egg. Mix the mixture properly. And, while you apply the shampoo, wait for 10-15 minutes before washing off. 

Your bathroom would stink with the smell of egg but not your hair. And, you do not even need to apply a conditioner as egg takes care of your hair better than a conditioner does. And, you can carry out your last rinse with tea or lemon juice. Both give shine to your hair and ensures no smell of egg remains on your hair as your hair dries off.

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How your face wash is causing breakouts?

face wash is causing breakouts

I wanted to talk about a little observation which I went through last two months. My skin was horrible. It was not behaving, was dull, pigmented and breaking out often. I would attribute the pigmentation to the lack of sunscreen usage but there was something else also wrong with my routine. I think my face wash is causing breakouts on my skin. So, lets see why I think that!

On a side note, forgive my sporadicity (if that is even an expression!). Last few months have been real crazy but then so has life been that way since I was married which is exactly 3 years back! Wow, time flies off and we are all set to enter a New Year!

How your face wash is causing breakouts?

Lesson 1 – Choose your face wash carefully

It definitely is the first step to clear skin and is a very under-rated skin care routine. It is often difficult to find the one product which works for you. For me, that was Garnier Pure Unclogging face wash but seems like it has been discontinued so I am also back to square one.

It is also important to note that some formulas work really well for your skin, irrespective of the brand. Like, myristic acid present in all face washes works well for me, salicylic acid again is a great idea! So, take note of such ingredients or formulas and search for them while hunting for products next time :)

On a sidenote, How did my skin problem start and what happened?

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Inveda Cryo Mask Product Review

inveda cryo mask product review

Lately, my skin has really not been doing well so I got this inveda cryo mask at the right time. It looked quite exciting to me. Not everyday you come across a new sort of product. So, check out what I think about it!

Inveda Cryo Mask Product Review

Price : Rs 165 for 20 gms, quite expensive!!

Do you Know?

The first ingredient of this product is Diatomaceous Earth. It is a naturally occurring powder related to silica family. It is a detoxifying agent and its electrical charge helps it to attach to the free radicals and other toxins. It dries out the harmful toxins from the skin just like bentonite clay. It is more beneficial to consume it actually. But, if applied on the skin, it can draw out the impurities and exfoliate when removing it.

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