#OneMonthtoHealthyHair – Wrapping up!!

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Holy moly! We have reached the first quarter end of the new year and with that I am so happy to say that we have successfully concluded the hair care series on the blog. I hope it was an equally helpful series and you enjoyed it like I did while conducting it. Of course, I would have loved more interaction from all the participants but I do … [Read more...]

5 Reasons why Salon Treatments are better than home remedies #OneMonthtoHealthyHair {Hair Care}

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I had been bred with the mindset that salons are useless and complete waste of money, the consequence of this being I never got a good hair cut in my entire life till I was in my high school. And, my regular hair cuts which were once in a year or something, that too when I was very young, used to me done by my mom. Well, I would not say that my … [Read more...]

Natural way to bring Shine to your hair #FromtheArchives #OneMonthtoHealthyHair

natural way to bring shine to hair

This blog is dedicated to being natural and make the most of the natural resources. Now, a question to ponder upon; how much do we really make use of the nature around us like sun, water, food or wind? They are the best nourishment you can give to your body and yes, today's post is dedicated to some of these nature's forces and their … [Read more...]

Inversion Method for Hair Growth {Hair Care}

inversion method for hair growth

This post is again by Nayantara. She has already shared the recipe of her dry shampoo and says that this inversion method has helped her hair grow by almost one inch and more every month. Well, you must already be aware that in general hair grows only 0.5 inches every month so let us see what exactly she did to accelerate her hair growth. Also … [Read more...]

#OneMonthtoHealthyHair – One More Week to go and a contest!

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Okay, we have only one more week left and we wrap up the event next Tuesday! And, we have covered quite a good ground about hair care. I have tried to answer most of the things in this month's posts. So, it is time for another contest today :) Answer the following question in the comments below and you could stand to win a surprise! You can enter … [Read more...]