OZiva Nutritional Meal Shake for Women Product Review

O'Ziva Nutritional Meal Shake for Women Product Review

The nutritional meal shakes are the latest fads in the market. They can be for weight loss, to act as meal replacers or just as protein shakes after a workout or with breakfast. OZiva Nutritional Meal Shake for Women is supposed to be a complete food and provide all the necessary nutrients to the body.

I have taken almost 3 months to review this product and I am glad that I took this time. Had I reviewed it earlier, I would have missed out on analyzing its ingredient list. Recently, I came across another very famous health drinks brand and realized how important it is to read and research on the ingredient list of health drinks.

Consequently, this other famous brand which I am not going to talk about has very poor list of ingredients and is quite expensive on the pocket as well. The contents of the health drink are debated and the jury is out there as is the usual case.

OZiva Nutritional Meal Shake for Women Product Review

Price: Rs 1499 for 500gms


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5 Ways to Improve Immunity with Ayurveda

Spice up your turmeric milk for the winters

Chikungunya and dengue are the most prevalent infections right now, not to speak of the regular allergies. Weather conditions are bad, immunity levels are at all time low, nutrition is not balanced, almost everyone is suffering from joint pains, hospitals are almost full to the brim. Should we not try to improve immunity?

At such times, it is probably a good idea to inculcate the wisdom of the ancients. A few additions to your daily routine and you can help boost your health and improve immunity levels by a zillion times. These simple to use and everyday tweaks may improve your overall immunity as well as may give you hayfever relief. So, lets us see 5 simple ways how ayurveda can helps us.

The Golden Milk

I always used to like a simpler version of this. I am sure all moms prescribe this concoction for any and every small health issue be it cold, cough or insomnia.

Just mix ¼ tbsp of turmeric in hot milk and you are done.

Did you know you can increase the potency of turmeric with black pepper. So, a little of crushed pepper in the above concoction is even better.

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4 Steps towards a Healthy Lifestyle

healthy lifestyle

Are you over-weight, not leading a healthy lifestyle, hungrier than usual, grumpier, tired all the time, feel the urge to pass water every half hour. Your colleague confides he had the same symptoms and got tested positive for diabetes. You get worried, go and get screened, results are negative for every possible test you got done and you feel elated and relieved.

The lack of healthy lifestyle is making health problems more prevalent in the society. Almost 1 in 3 people suffer from obesity-related problems. 70% Indians are prone to diabetes. Cancer has become a household name. Acidity and bloating are common problems everyone is dealing with. Not all health issues can be handled only through the health insurance. Some just need healthy lifestyle.

How can you have a healthy lifestyle?

#1. Get up Early

For ages, people have been advised to rise before the crack of dawn. The circadian rhythm helps the body to perform its best. It helps reset your body clock in sync with nature.

You are more energized and enthusiastic to take on the day. Your body feels light, you get more time for yourself, and you feel happier than the days you sleep in late.

The key is to stick to this routine even on the weekends and make it an ingrained habit rather than a chore.

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How long do you sleep? {Your Opinion}

Republished on 10th October, 2016


So, again a fun time :) Yup, I know we are all lazy bums (except those who are really active all day long, kudos to you) who totally love sleeping!! So, what has been happening recently is that my sleeping time is getting stretched way beyond the permissible limits of 8 AM and I am getting late to work every day!!! No, I am not sleeping late either. I am going to bed by 11:45 PM at max. And, whenever I get up before 9 AM, I have a hang over and feel sleepy and tired everyday.

Generally, everyone’s bodies have their own sleep requirements and need respective hours of sleep everyday. Mine is generally 8-9 hours a day and if I sleep later than 11, I tend to sleep more. If I sleep at 9 (sometimes I have to when I get headaches), I am awake by 2 AM which is extremely inconvenient. Also, I prefer not to sleep in the evenings coz it gives me really weird dreams and the night time is entirely screwed. So, I prefer not to stay up late.

Btw, did you know sleeping more has many repercussions on our physical and mental health.

  • You get fatter
  • You get lazier
  • Your metabolism goes for a toss
  • You feel aimless and without a purpose
  • You tend to get more depressed and stressed

There are just so many reasons for not sleeping into the late hours of the day.  I feel best when I wake up to the early morning sun. Oh btw, getting up early would give you more time to get your vitamin D safely as well.

So, how long do you like to sleep? What’s the minimum time your body needs to rest to wake up fresh?

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The Book Corner Vol. 9 – “Agniputr” by Vadhan

agniputr by vadhan

I have been guilty of delaying the review for this book Agniputr by Vadhan for a few weeks together. The reason was I wanted to sit on it and see what I really think about it after a few weeks. And, now, I can safely say, this book is absolute must-read with all its faults.

The charm of this book or rather the author lies in his ability to build scenarios with his words. He makes the novel come alive. And, that is not restricted to just this book of his but also his first book. After finishing this book, I ordered his first book as well and it was just the same. I totally loved his ability to play with words.

Book Review – “Agniputr” by Vadhan

About the Book

In 1940, someone triggers a phenomenon in the mistaken belief of becoming a super power and unleashes the God of Agony called Sutram in a village called Gudem in Andhra Pradesh. Thereafter, the destruction follows. But, it gets curbed by Surya Prasad Surya who loses his life in the struggle. Curbed but not destroyed. The Sutram is hidden from all eyes.

Today. After 60 + years, Gudem once again gets the status of a haunted village and becomes the center for paranormal activities. A young and curious scientist, SRK, comes to his native place for his engagement but gets lured to this urban legend and starts digging around, losing his life in the process. The reports sent by this scientist to his boss, Sheila Pitambar, gets her interest invoked in the Sutram which is getting stronger again.

Through government channels, Sheila gets deployed to research this phenomena in detail and present reports to the home minister who is funding the entire project. What they fail to do is approach Raghuram Surya, a lawyer based in Gurgaon and the owner of the ancestral palace under which Sutram has been invoked.

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Vaginal Hygiene {Women Stuff}

 Republished on 14th September, 2016

This is one topic I have been thinking for long to write but was too shy to write 😀 Whether you are married or not, you need to take care of your hygiene. Anyways, lets get on with it.


Pubic hair is actually a protection for the sensitive area but unfortunately, it also increases the unhygienic conditions. So, its best to get rid of it. Shaving is one of the easiest, painless and safest ways to get rid of the hair.

Brazilian wax is a good alternative if you have the courage to bear the pain. Avoid hair removal creams as they are very harsh on the skin and can cause itching or any other infection.

Make sure its dry

After a bath, when you don the undergarments, make sure that the area is entirely dry. Also, whenever you use the wash room, you can take care that to let the area be dry and undergarments do not get wet. Panty liners are a good choice if you have the issue of discharge.
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5 daily tasks which Stress you without your realizing them {Five Series}

Republished on 12th September, 2016

Like all working couples, we often get very minimal quality time with each other so we took a weekend off from everything including our house and spent the time in a cozy resort. But, still, it was not the least refreshing for us. That made me think what is wrong with me?

And, then, there was a dawning realization, may be the short vacation we took was really not well-planned which stressed me out! Yes, it was an adhoc event which just happened and I was really happy it happened but I would have been more happy if everything went according to me.

Yes, I know its making me sound like a control freak and probably I am one but this is just an example of what can be wrong with even a simple thing of taking a holiday from our regular life. So, stress can really creep up on to our lives in ways we can NOT imagine. It has really become a part of us now a days.


This makes me soooo happy to say this out loud, “Guys, lose your phone sometimes,let the laptop crash, get sometime for yourself”. And, of course, sad at the same instant because I can not do that whenever I want. No, not because I have a blog to run but because I can not stay away from the blog.

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