Fab Bag August 2016 Beauty Box Review

Fab Bag August 2016 Beauty Box

This is my second month with Fab Bag and I am loving the tiny travel size products. This makes it so easy for me to plan my travel kit, even for weekends and in town travels to my in-laws or relatives. I can have a lot of travel pouches now segregated according to the length of the trip.

Life is crazy these days. Health is bad, loads of changes in life and crazy time tables and running here and there has disturbed my routine. Also, August being the month of fasts and poojas makes it a little stressful for me. All of the events would be finally over by August 30th so awaiting it eagerly!! Anyways, lets see what came #inmymail this month.

Fab Bag August 2016 Beauty Box Review

Price : Rs 599 for one month

Products this Month

Theme for this month is What the Chic.

  • Geri G. Plush Mascara (Rs 1000, full size)
  • Just Herbs Kumuda – Sacred Lotus Rejuvenating Body Wash (50ml, Sample)
  • The Nature’s Co. White Tea Night Cream (20ml, Sample)
  • Natural Bath & Body Face Masque (50ml, Sample)
  • 3 Livon Serum Sachets

Total Price of the products in the bag = Rs 1000+

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Himalaya Herbals FootCare Cream

himalaya herbals footcare cream

I have been wanting a feet miracle since almost two years. Be it pedicures, moisturizers, body butters, regular exfoliation, using pumice stone, nothing would work on my cracked feet. And, when I got this footcare cream for review, I was actually not expecting much from it. So, it turned out to be an extremely pleasant surprise and now it is on my must-have list!!

Himalaya Herbals FootCare Cream Product Review

Price : Not sure as the price is not mentioned on the pack and I could not find it online either!

Texture and Fragrance

This product is meant for extremely cracked and damaged feet. The texture of the cream is a little grainy. And, fragrance is herbal. I like it. It is subtle and smells nice.


Comes in a tube which makes it hygienic and travel friendly.

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Knee Problems – How you are Damaging your Knees?

vitamin deficiency, chronic fatigue, healthy living, knee problems

Old age is equivalent to knee problems most of the times. Mostly, it is the female population who suffer from the issue because of the excess physical strain which they undergo in their lives. Pregnancy contributes a lot to how a female ages and what problems she might suffer in the late 50’s.

In fact, it is even possible for teenagers of 15 to have conditions like arthritis which might develop into rheumatoid arthritis in the later stage of life. Not having regular physical exercise is one of the starting points of knee troubles. Let us discuss how you can take care of your knees with some basic lifestyle changes.

How are you causing your knee problems?

1. Not Controlling Your Weight

Every pound of body weight yields five pounds of force on the knee (Source)

Being overweight is a bad thing not only for your heart but for your knees as well. Make sure that you do not put on unnecessary weight. Using stairs is a good exercise to lose weight and keep your knees in good condition.

But, if you suffer from knee pain, are overweight, are middle-aged (age wears off the knee tissues and puts more strain on them), exercising can be painful. In such a case, walking on plain surfaces, using treadmills or stationary bikes are great exercises. Taking care of your diet is a better way to control weight.

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How does Dental Hygiene reflect your overall Health?

dental hygiene

Often the most understated practices in our health is dental hygiene. Neither we make regular trips to a dentist’s chair nor we like being told how to brush our teeth although it is well documented that oral health has a link to our overall health.

Pregnant ladies are recommended to schedule regular dental appointments to make sure they do not suffer from any gum problems. Gingivitis can grow acute during pregnancy. Other gum problems can lead to preterm or low birth weight infants. Not only gum problems affect pregnant ladies but it can make other health conditions worse.

Dental Hygiene and Relation to Other Diseases

Bad dental hygiene makes it harder to control Blood Sugar levels

Gum inflammation and periodontal disease can make it difficult to control the blood sugar levels and make you prone to diabetes. On the other hand, diabetic people must be careful with their oral health as they are more prone to periodontal diseases.

Bad dental hygiene means more infections and inflammations

There is a link between gum disease and development of rheumatoid arthritis. Gum diseases can also lead to lung infections, especially pneumonia.

Bad dental hygiene leads to Heart Risks

The bacteria which causes gum inflammation can travel to the arteries of the heart through the blood stream. It can cause hardening of the arteries by depositing plaque on the walls leading to thickening of the walls and reduced blood flow which in turn may cause heart stroke.

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The best critical illness insurance in India

vitamin deficiency, chronic fatigue, healthy living

Let’s understand which are the most common critical illnesses in India?

  • Heart Attack
  • Kidney Failure which may lead to an Organ Transplant or dialysis
  • Paralysis
  • Various types of cancer
  • Burn injuries

If we consider the cost of managing these illnesses, it seems beyond the reach of a common man. Costs of regular dialysis can range between Rs.50 thousand-2 lakhs depending upon the city and the severity of the condition.

If the condition requires a kidney transplant, costs range between Rs.4-7 lakhs. A heart bypass surgery, medically known as CABG(Coronory Artery Bypass Grafting) costs anywhere between Rs.1.3 lakhs to 3 lakhs depending upon the kind of hospital and the city in which you are getting it done.

The above are actually only hospitalization costs. What about the impact of being unable to work due to the recovery process? Is that even considered? The answer is ‘no’! That is not covered by mediclaim. Recovery from a critical illness may take around 2 months or so to actually be fit enough to take the stress of hectic work, travel, etc. If you’ve undergone a kidney transplant, it may take you even longer around 2 to 6 months to recover. If you are the breadwinner for the family, you you may end up exhausting all your lifetime savings in order to make ends meet.

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Vitamin Deficiency and Chronic Fatigue

vitamin deficiency, chronic fatigue, healthy living

I have been waiting to do this post since ages. Chronic Fatigue is a lifestyle disease of this age. I too am suffering from the same since two years! The irregular office timings, easily available fast food options, lack of time to take care of health, everything culminates into a poor diet and weak body. People hardly have time to go for even a blood test or doctor’s consultation.

Similar thing has been happening to my other half. He had some severe stomach ache for which we had to consult a doctor. She asked him to get some blood tests done. We did everything required but the major issue came when he had to go and give his blood sample after breaking his fast and collecting the reports. Either we would forget or some or the other work would come. It took us two months to just collect those reports and, for the record, the clinic is just 2-3 kms away.

The same scenario is repeating again. I have to get my blood tests done but I am a certified injection screecher and a horrible one at that!! I used to shout when getting pricked for haemoglobin testing. Blood test was a huge step for me. Now, I am used to it but still I like to have someone with me. But, Mr. P hardly has time on weekdays and on weekends we promptly forget our health needs! This when I recalled how Thyrocare had come to our aid a few years back.

Two years back, my father-in-law had booked the appointment for the blood tests collection at our home and the person in charge had promptly arrived a convenient half hour before we all started for work. Thankfully, he was very skilled at taking the blood so it was not much of a hassle. He took all our samples and our reports arrived in two days. We had probably taken one of the Thyrocare Arogyam packages which involves all the major tests. I should do the same this time as well to know the root cause of my chronic fatigue.

Coming back to the real reason behind Chronic Fatigue, any doctor would ask you for a few standard blood tests which you can even get done regularly to just keep an eye on your vitamin and other levels. The doctors I have visited in the past two years have all been saying one thing. There is a marked vitamin deficiency in people around 25-35 which is causing their health issues. So, which blood tests can you done even without wasting your fee on doctor’s consultation.

Vitamin D

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Is dark so ugly? {Beauty Philosophy}

Well, this certainly does not apply to women alone but let me say that maximum racism is carried out by women only! Ok, I might be termed a misogynist for this statement. But, seriously, maximum number of times in my life, only women have pointed out that I am dark and therefore ugly!

Anyways, why this post was prompted was because of my increasing concern towards my readers! Oh no, I am not altruistic. But, recently, I have started getting so many queries regarding how to become fair. Well, if you are a 10 plus something, I am fine with such questions. But, the unfortunate thing is that mommies are becoming paranoid for their 1-2 month old babies’ complexions as well.
First, I am NOT making fun of you. Second, I am seriously concerned. Third, hear me out.

I totally understand where all this concern is coming from. Years and years of ill-treatment due to complexion differences more often result in such kind of anxieties. So, let me first reply to all those queries. PLEASE DO NOT BE CONCERNED. The babies and kids tend to change their skin color. In fact, skin color changes for even adults. So, keep their skin care routines healthy and simple and apply sunscreen regularly for kids above 2 years or ask a dermatologist or a paediatrician.
Now, coming to voicing my concerns, I think that we can not change the old mindset but we can lay down the new rules. We as the propagator of the future generations need to get over our insecurities and make sure our kids do not carry the same inferiority complexes which were drilled into us by the society. If at all, they should be taught how to fight and not feel bad for someone’s comments. Because, there will always be one person who will speak ill. Because, there will always be some or the other struggle they have to undergo. And, because, we are better equipped in understanding our kids psychologies thanks to our own experiences.

So, instead of thinking how to deal with the issue, we should teach them how to face the challenges gracefully. And, this is just a small matter of complexion. I very strongly believe that any hesitation on the part of the parent gets conveyed to the kid somehow even if none of them actually understand what it is and that hesitation does manifest in the kid as he grows older.

So, this is my earnest request to all parents of all generations to please not get bothered by little things as complexions and clothes and rather focus on developing self-confidence and self-esteem in the child. And, this process actually starts since the conception of the baby! And, please do not take this post as a lesson in parenting. I do not have a kid of my own neither I have brought up any sibling of mine but these are some parenting rules I live by and would carry them out on my progeny.
What do you all think? Is it our responsibility to change the perspective of future generations or not?
PS: Please note that this post is not meant to hurt any sentiments. On the other hand, I respect them all and understand them!
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