#OneMonthofHealthyHair – Activity 2 – Get a Hair Cut!

hair cut for damaged hair

So, we are on the third day of the month already! Gotta buck up. So, today's activity is all about pampering yourself. Get a Hair Cut! How long has it been since you had your last hair cut? Well, if you talk about me, I am fairly lazy and visit a parlor only after pondering on the thought for at least 15-20 days! Anyways, my last hair cut was 2-3 weeks back but I am not really happy with it. How long has it been since you had yours? #DidYouKnow that one should have a hair cut every 6-8 … [Read more...]

#OneMonthtoHealthyHair – Activity of the Week – 1

Hey guys, so did you check out the first activity of the event? If not, check out my earlier post on Activity 1. And, now, we come to the second part. We have something called Activity of the Week. You do this small activity for the entire week and see if you feel any change in your hair. We have four different activities for the entire month of March. The effort is to incorporate small changes in your routine without much effort. So, what do we have for starters? Massage your … [Read more...]

#OneMonthtoHealthyHair – Activity 1 – Hot Oil Treatment

Hot Oil Treatment for Hair care

Hey guys! So, yes, it has been long since I have been on the blog but I have constantly been behind it. You would have already seen the changes if you are reading it. So, we have finally shifted to WP and today we commence the #OneMonthtoHealthyHair event. So, today, we have the first activity of the event. Activity 1 - Hot Oil Treatment Today is Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday. So, take out sometime unless you have planned a day out. And, pamper your tresses. … [Read more...]

Just Gossip Vol. 40 – Updates and Subscribe for #OneMonthtoHealthyHair Updates

Just Gossip at Perfect Ski Care for you

Yes, I have been missing from the blog since some time long! But, we have good news ahead! Moving to Wordpress I am migrating the blog finally to wordpress so yay to that. Right now, I am tweaking everything using my other blog - momentsandseconds.com - which you are welcome to check out and give feedbacks. And, for everyone who is looking to migrate from blogger to wordpress, it is really not a big deal so try doing it on your own! I can definitely try to help you out with … [Read more...]